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All on 8 Dental Implants Turkey

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Perhaps you are here because you have an upcoming trip to Turkey for all on 8 dental implants, or you might be trying to decide whether you should go with an all on 4 or an all on 6 procedure? Tooth loss can be incredibly difficult to live with, and regardless of the cause, you need to fix it. Dental care is expensive in many parts of the world, and that is one of the contributing reasons to why Turkey is now one of the top 10 foreign destinations for dental care tourism.

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Affordable, Quality Dental Care in Turkey

Turkey is a pioneer when it comes to affordable dental care, and you’ll be pleased to know that you can expect top quality and world-class doctors when booking a trip to have all on 8 dental implants put in. Thousands of tourists choose to travel to Turkey for dental care every year, and it has led to the country becoming a top 10 candidate for health related tourism.

Choosing Turkey over your home country when it comes down to scheduling an appointment for all-in-8 implants has numerous other benefits too, and it isn’t all about the money. You’ll get the best possible treatment from doctors with extensive experience in completing the procedure, and you’ll get to enjoy an incredible country in the meantime as an additional benefit.

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Costs & Prices for All on 8 Dental Implants Turkey

Expect to pay around 65% less than you would in countries like the United Kingdom or the United States, as Turkish health care is, in general, significantly cheaper than what you might be used to. If we continue using the UK as an example, you might be quoted around £12,750 for an all-on-8 dental implant surgery, while in Turkey you would get the same treatment and procedure for a little over £3,000.

The cost of the procedure is much lower than having several implants added individually.More expensive than both all-on-4 and all-on-6 procedures.
Your implants are carefully sculpted and color-matched to blend in with your teeth.You will need to come back to have your permanent dentures added. 
Improved bite strength thanks to more evenly distributed pressure.Reshaping or removal of existing teeth may be necessary.

What are All-on-8 Dental Implants?

Patients with adentia, where no natural teeth are left in the mouth, can benefit greatly from choosing an all-on-8 dental implant procedure, as these are ideal for those who want to restore their smile to its former glory. The all-on-8 implants are what will attach your permanent and realistic looking prosthesis, and the procedure is designed to last for a lifetime so that you won’t ever have to worry about your teeth again.

8 Implants & Acrylic or Zirconia Dentures

This revolutionary concept places 8 implants in each jaw to form a dental bridge for your non-removable acrylic or zirconia dentures—a technique that allows you to regain a bite strength very close to that of natural teeth. Additionally, these types of implants and dentures are extremely realistic and designed to match your existing teeth or those you once had. 

Simple & Straight-Forward Procedure

What stands out about this dental surgery is that no bone grafting is needed to obtain excellent results, and it skips the step of having to correct the jawbone density completely, which leads to a speedy recovery where the patient can be back to living a normal life within no more than a day or two. 

Unlike all-on-4 implants, these have greatly improved construction stability as soon as they are put in, and you could essentially start eating solid foods right away, even though it is likely better to go slow until you get used to your new set of teeth.


Top Advantages of All-on-8 Dental Implants

With so many different dental treatment options out there, it can be tricky to settle on the right one. The all-on-8 implants are most commonly used for those who need a full new set of teeth, either where all teeth are already missing or where it would be necessary to extract natural teeth in poor condition, but it is sometimes also used for those needing fewer teeth fixed.

We have listed a few of the top benefits that come with all-on-8 implants to help you make an educated and well-informed decision.


  • Improved Construction Reliability
  • Ideal for Patients with Adentia
  • Chewing Strength Matching That of Natural Teeth
  • Designed to Last a Lifetime
  • Permanent and Non-Removable Dentures
  • Feels Close to Having Real Teeth
  • No Bone Grafting Required
  • Perfect Results with 3D Modeling
  • Cost Effective Compared to Other Procedures


Opting for all-on-8 implants is a permanent dental solution that allows you to focus on other things in life, as your dentures are manufactured in the best materials available to make sure they last a lifetime. Once the procedure is fully finished, you go on to living your life as usual without the need to have further procedures done.

The All-on-8 Implant Process & How It Works

It can be frightening walking into an unfamiliar situation, and we want to make sure you are as prepared as possible before deciding whether to get all-on-8 dental implants, but also before your surgery date if you have already made up your mind. Below is a rough introduction to what you can expect when initiating the process of getting all-on-8 implants.

Visit #1

The first visit you’ll make is the most important one, as this is where you will be examined by your dentist and have the implants surgically inserted if all goes well. It is the only surgery you are going to have, where all eight screw-like implants are strategically anchored in your jaw. If you are having the procedure done on both your top and bottom jaw, some clinics may choose to do it over the course of two days.

Waiting Period

It is common to be asked to come back for a checkup a few days later before you return to your country of origin or the country where you are currently living, so make sure you plan for this when booking your trip. Then, you will spend approximately 3 months at home with temporary plastic dentures until it is time to return for your permanent prosthesis.

Visit #2

Impressions of your jaw and implants are taken during your first visit, and these are used to create your permanent dentures that will stay with you for what will hopefully be the rest of your life. Expect this stage to include at least a couple of visits over the course of 5-6 days, as your doctors will need to make sure the permanent dentures are properly fitted.

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Final Words on Getting All on 8 Dental Implants Turkey

Getting all-on-8 implants in Turkey is a good idea for multiple reasons, and it isn’t just about the money. With excellent oral care facilities and incredibly skilled dentists and doctors, Turkey is becoming a world-leading country for those looking to receive top-quality dental care that won’t burn a massive hole in their wallet. Plus, who wouldn’t want an excuse to visit a country so rich in astonishing culture?

Frequently Asked Questions About All-on-8 Dental Implants in Turkey.

These types of procedures are always going to cost, but keep in mind that it is a one-time surgery that should last for the rest of your life. Having it done in Turkey instead of in your home country could end up saving you almost half the cost.

The implant surgery is almost always completed in one day, except for when having it done on the top and bottom jaw. In these cases, it might be done over the course of two days. You will then have to return later for your permanent dentures, but no additional surgical procedures are done after the first visit.

Turkey has a large volume of foreigners coming in to have this procedure done every year, and they have some of the most skilled and experienced doctors in the industry.

Yes. You might experience some discomfort which is why most doctors encourage you to start slowly while your new teeth adjust to your gums, but you can chew solid food right away if you feel comfortable with it.

Both all-on-8 dental implants and all-on-6 dental implants are very similar when it comes to the procedure and the overall results, but the latter tends to be a better option for those who are only looking to correct a few teeth, rather than all teeth in the bottom or top jaw (or both).

If you are located in the UK or in a country with similar prices, then you can expect to save approximately 65% on the cost in your home country when having the procedure done in Turkey instead.

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