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All on 6 Dental Implants Turkey

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Get the best offers for all on 6 dental implants Turkey! This guide will give you an introduction to everything you need to know about having an all-on-6 dental procedure in Turkey; one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world.

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Price Guide for Getting All-on-6 Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental care prices are significantly lower in Turkey compared to many other countries in Europe, North America and Asia, and if you are from the UK or from a country with similar dental care prices, then you can expect to save close to 70% of the total price. If this sounds a little too good to be true, just have a look at the following example.

Having an all-on-6 dental implant procedure in the United Kingdom would cost you approximately £10,000-£11,000, while many top clinics in Turkey offer the same care, procedure and end result for around £2,500-£3,000, or a minimum of €2,000.

Prices can vary depending on the clinic you choose to contact and the current state of your teeth, but you can count on saving a significant amount on your all-on-6 dental implants almost regardless of where you are from. Best of all is that a lower cost won’t be at the price of quality, which essentially gives you the best of both.

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A Quick Introduction to All-on-6 Dental Implants

The future is here and there are now multiple options for those who wish to replace missing teeth, and one is the cutting-edge tooth restoration technique known as all-on-6 implants. With this procedure, six jaw implants are gently screwed in, and we say “gently” since it doesn’t implicate the bone tissue loss often associated with other more invasive osteoplastic procedures. Instead, all six dental implants can be implanted at once, without having to submit yourself to any preliminary procedures.

It is a procedure perfectly suited for those looking to restore multiple teeth, and since the process can be done in only one day (not counting the preliminary implant procedure), it becomes convenient to book a holiday to Turkey, for example, while also taking the opportunity to fly back home with a brand new smile.

The Benefits of All-on-6 Dental Implants 

Making a decision regarding your oral health can be difficult, and many of us are nervous to have any types of procedures done. This is fully understandable, and we want to help you get an objective view of what is great about all-on-6 dental implants, and what might be considered a little less great. 

It would be fantastic if you could simply snap your fingers and fix your faulty teeth, but until we get there, all-on-six dental implants are among your best options in terms of procedure duration, prices, recovery times and final results. All-on-6 implants are constructed to last a lifetime, with a minimum lifespan of 20 years when installed and cared for correctly.

Only one surgery needed which Reduces the Overall Procedure Cost.More Expensive Than an All-on-4 Dental Implant Procedure.
Natural Looking Results by Color-Matching to Match Your Natural Teeth.Requires multiple visits but only one dental surgery.
Better Construction Reliability that Restores Chewing Abilities.Not an available option to everyone.


How the All-on-6 Procedure Works

There are three different steps that take place during an all-on-6 dental implant surgery, and all three are performed during the same procedure. If you are someone who likes to know exactly how medical procedures work and what to expect, here is a brief introduction to each of the three steps.

Phase 1

Two dental implants are added to the front part of the patient’s jaw, and both are attached vertically projecting from the root of the front incisors.

Phase 2

The second phase involves the attachment of another two implants, with one being added vertically to one side of the jaw and the other to the other side.

Phase 3

Depending on the state of the bone tissue in the patient’s jaw, the final two implants are placed at a carefully calculated angle.

All-on-6 Implants

Step-by-Step Guide to an All-on-Six Implant Procedure

Before you schedule an all-on-6 procedure in Turkey, it is always a good idea to gather as much knowledge as possible, to make sure you know exactly what you are in for once the date set for you to receive your implants approaches.

  • Preparing for the Procedure

You initially go in for a consultation, where it is assessed whether you are a candidate for all-on-6 implants or if a different procedure would be a better fit for you. This stage is carried out with a physical examination of your teeth as well as a CT scan.

  • Completion of a 3D Model

A detailed computer model is generated to determine where the implants would (and hopefully will) be placed, and it is essentially a blueprint of what the finished result should look like, to give your doctor a precise guide.

  • Implant Placement

While the second stage of the all-on-6 procedure can be completed in one day, you still need to go in for a preliminary appointment where your implants will be placed. This is done under local anesthesia and once finished, the dental impressions are used in the manufacturing of your prosthesis.

  • Prosthesis Placement

The prosthesis is what is eventually added to the implants to give you back your winning smile, and these are attached in a way that you can’t remove them yourself, which saves you the embarrassment of having your dentures accidentally fall out when you least expect it. You often start out with a temporary prosthesis made in plastic, which is then replaced by your permanent prosthesis after a few months. 

Note that you will have to return to have your permanent dentures fitted, but you won’t require any additional surgeries or surgical procedures after your initial visit.

All-on-6 Dental Implants vs. All-on-4 Implants

For those who have done their research, you might find yourself wondering what makes all-on-6 dental implants from all-on-4 implants, and whether you should opt for one or the other. These types of questions are common, and we are going to try to resolve any doubts you may have.

Both all-on-4 and all-on-6 implants are what is referred to as one-phase dental restoration techniques, where the whole procedure is initiated and completed within the same day. While the all-on-4 implants are beneficial in many ways, all-on-6 could be considered an improved and evolved version of the same dental surgery.

Improved Construction Stability Makes the Difference

The main difference lies in the improvements done to the overall construction stability, and the prosthesis is ready to be used for flashing of your new smile and even chewing already on the day of the procedure. It is recommended that you go slow with solid food in the beginning, just to avoid any discomfort, but it is not discouraged.

Atrophic jaw changes and procedure failure are both less likely as a result of better pressure distribution when chewing, which has essentially led to the elimination of having to live off of liquid foods for the first few weeks. 

Total adentia is also treatable using the all-on-6 dental implant method, which is not the case with the all-on-4, and this has opened up the door and given an opportunity to dental patients that weren’t suitable candidates for these types of procedures previously. 

Same Procedure, Better Results

The way both procedures are performed is generally speaking almost identical, but with the additional two implants added to the back of the jaw on each side, the result becomes different and significantly improved. Still, the all-on-4 implants may be a better fit for some people, and it is always best to seek professional consultation.

Why Choose Turkey for the Procedure?

Perhaps it is your first time considering having a medical procedure done abroad, and if this makes you a little nervous—don’t worry, it’s very common. It is easy to think that people seek dental care in Turkey only because of a lower price than what you might be used to finding back home, but choosing Turkey comes with many additional benefits.

Did you know that Turkey is listed as one of the top 10 destinations for medical tourism? Turkey offers excellent health care where you can expect royal treatment throughout your time as a patient, as well as top quality health care that often meets and exceeds what you are used to. 

You essentially get more for less money, plus you get that much-deserved opportunity to enjoy a sunny vacation in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

Is Getting All-on-6 Dental Implants in Turkey Right for Me?

We advise you to take your time, do your research and to familiarize yourself with the process, so that you can eventually make the decision that is right for you, your oral health and your budget. Knowledge is power, like they say, and we are here to answer any questions you may have, as well as to help you find the best all-on-6 offers and opportunities currently available in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions About All-on-6 Dental Implants in Turkey.

Yes, you can have the full procedure completed within the same day, but will have to come back for your permanent dentures.

Whether it can be considered cheap or expensive depends on what you compare the costs with, but to those living in many European countries, in North America, Australia and more, the cost of the procedure is significantly lower in Turkey.

As opposed to the all-on-4 procedure, you can eat solid foods after having had an all-on-6 procedure completed. It is recommended to allow your new teeth to get used to chewing by going easy on them in the beginning.

Turkey is known for offering excellent dental care that measures up to (and even exceeds) dental care available in other parts of the world.

If you live in a country like the UK, or somewhere else with similar costs, you can expect to save almost 70% by having the procedure done in Turkey.

In short, the answer is yes. The all-on-6 implant procedure is an improved version of the all-on-4 dental procedure, with better construction stability. However, some patients may be better off getting the all-on-4 implants depending on the current state of their teeth.

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