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Veneers in Istanbul

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Thousands of cosmetic dental tourists flock to Istanbul to get veneers daily and with the results that they’re receiving, it’s easy to understand why the influx of dental tourists in Istanbul is consistently increasing each and every year. But what has made Istanbul the ‘it’ cosmetic dental destination and why are the packages for veneers in Istanbul so much more affordable in comparison to other cosmetic destinations around the world? Let’s have a look at some of Istanbul’s top dental qualities, how they manage to keep their prices so low and what quality you can expect from your veneer procedure.

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Are you a suitable candidate for veneers?

Dental veneers are a cosmetic treatment that aims to correct various dental aesthetic issues that one may have as a result of injury-inflicted damage or even consumption of particular food and beverages that are well known for discolouring teeth. Either way, dental veneers act as an aesthetic barrier, shielding your natural teeth with aesthetically pleasing artificially designed teeth.

Although the procedure doesn’t pose any significant damage to your teeth, it is required that your teeth need to be in relatively good condition to avoid progressive damage below the surface of the veneers. The best candidates for veneers in Turkey include people with:

Veneers in Istanbul
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How Can I Book an Appointment For Veneers in Istanbul?

First and foremost, in order to pick the best clinic in Istanbul for you, you need to receive offers from the best clinics that Istanbul has to offer. All you need to do is simply fill out a form in which you will answer a few simple questions and you should you wish, upload a few pictures of your teeth using your smartphone to receive a free dental screening worth €250.

Once you have received offers from Istanbul’s finest clinics, you will have the option to set a free consultation with the clinics that catch your eye and chat to Istanbul’s finest dental experts about any questions you may have about veneers in Istanbul or what the process may look like.

How to choose the best clinic for veneers in Istanbul

With many of Istanbul’s dental tourists travelling from countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, a common question we find is, “How do I pick the best clinic for veneers in Istanbul?”, so here are a few ways you can assess and sort through the best Istanbul packages without visiting them first.

Set free consultations with the clinics that seem suitable

One of the most important tips we can offer you regarding picking a dental clinic is that if an offer catches your eye, you have the right to set a free virtual consultation without feeling obligated to commit to that clinic. Oftentimes, the answers you want can’t be found on that specific clinic’s webpage so it would be best to chat directly to one of their experts so that they can address your questions and any concerns you may have immediately.

Consider the value in their all-inclusive packages on offer

If you’ve received an exciting offer, you should check what their package includes. This is because there are plenty of dental clinics in Istanbul that will go the extra mile for you and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that opportunity. The best clinics for veneers in Istanbul offer an all-inclusive package in which all your accommodation, transport and dental appointments are organized for you and included in the cost. The best part is that the accommodation they organise for you is usually relatively close to the clinic and has 4 or 5 stars so that you can live luxuriously throughout the duration of your stay.

Find out if the clinic has an English interpreter on site

This will prove rather useful once you get to the clinic as you are bound to have a couple of questions and you’ll need them answered in your home language in order to feel comfortable.

Accreditation of the clinic and dentists

Ask the clinic about the experience they have, the certification of the clinic and their dentists’ areas of expertise. Dental accreditation in Istanbul offers more information on the type of certification you should expect from your chosen clinic.

The dental options available to you

The type of veneers they offer, porcelain, ceramic or composite. The different types of veneers will ultimately indicate the life expectancy of dental veneers and the overall natural appearance you can expect once the veneers are fitted.

Customer Service

Good customer service before committing to a clinic is a good indication of the type of service you can expect once you are in Istanbul for your first veneer appointment. If the customer support agent is courteous and knowledgeable about the treatments offered by their clinic, this is usually a good sign that the clinic invests in good staff and dental experts that will uphold their reputation for years to come.

Hidden Costs

Find out if there are any unstipulated or hidden costs that you can expect once you have committed and set your appointment with that clinic. Though these may be small if there are any at all, it’s always best to have transparent conversations with a clinic before they operate on you.

Success Rate

Their dental veneer metrics such as the number of veneer treatments they complete each year, what their average success rate is and how the method they use to calculate this. Generally speaking, a success rate over 95% indicates a high-functioning clinic.

Dental accreditation in Istanbul

Many dental clinics in Istanbul boast their internationally recognised certification, and while this means that the clinic pays their annual membership fee, you can rest assured that these clinics’ performance is regulated by ISO 9001 quality, hygiene, and technological system certifications and requirements. ISO 9001 certification is recognised as an official agreement that the dental clinician will continue to progress by keeping up with modern dental techniques and upholding high standards of patient care. 

Turkish government strictly requires all practising dentists in Istanbul to:

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What is the process of getting veneers in Istanbul?

Once you’ve set your appointment for veneers in Istanbul, your chosen clinic will send you an outline of what you can expect throughout your stay in Turkey. Here is a basic outline of what an all-inclusive week in Istanbul for veneers will look like.

Day 1: Arrive in Istanbul – Once you arrive in Istanbul, you will be collected by the clinic’s assigned driver at the airport. They will likely hold a sign-up on which your name will be written so that you can easily locate your driver. Your driver will then transport you to your 4 or 5-star hotel so that you can get settled.

Day 2: Your first appointment at your chosen dental clinic – Depending on how far your hotel is from your clinic, your designated driver will collect you roughly 30 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure that there is time to navigate through the bustling traffic of Istanbul and get you to your appointment on time.

Your first appointment will start off with a dental screening in which your dentist will assess your oral health and take x-rays if necessary. Once this is complete and your dentist is satisfied with the condition that your teeth and gums are in, he will discuss the veneer options available to you. You will discuss your desired shape and colour and receive feedback regarding the possibilities.

Your dentist will then conduct tooth shaving. This is the process in which some enamel from your teeth is removed in order to make space for the dental veneers to be placed on your teeth like caps without looking bulky or unnatural.

Once your teeth have been shaved, an impression of your teeth will be taken and you will be done for the day. Please note that it is normal to experience tooth sensitivity as a result of some enamel being stripped from your teeth.

Day 3-5: Rest days are perfect for exploring – Depending on your clinic, it will take a few days for your veneers to be moulded using the impression of your teeth that your dentist took after shaving was complete. Seeing as the is no requirement to actually rest on these days, you are free to explore the city of Istanbul.

There are many companies that are solely dedicated to cosmetic tourists wishing to tour the city of their ‘rest days’ so it is a great idea to enquire about these services from your clinic. They may be able to offer a great recommendation as they would have had previous patients who took advantage of their off days by exploring Istanbul as well.

Day 6: Veneer fitting – Once your clinic has received or completed your veneers, they can finally be fitted! To ensure the integrity of your teeth below the surface of the veneers, your dentist will conduct a thorough professional tooth cleaning to get rid of any bacteria that may be present in the mouth or on the teeth before the fitting of any veneers.

Once the teeth are prepared, your dentist will secure your veneers to your teeth using dental medical-grade cement, designed to hold your veneers for decades depending on the type of veneers you have opted for. You’re now set to go and can enjoy your new pearly whites for the better part of 10 to 25 years!

Day 7: Departure – You’re now equipped with a bright white smile and newly found confidence and can now leave Istanbul satisfied with the outcome of your procedure. Your designated driver will collect you from your hotel and transport you to the airport where you will say “goodbye” to the gorgeous city of Istanbul and “hello” to all the opportunities you now have the confidence to tackle at home.

The advantages of getting veneers in Istanbul

A cosmetic procedure is a commitment, especially one that is permanent such as veneers. What makes Istanbul a worthy cosmetic destination for you?

Unbeatable package deals

As a result of various factors such as the surge in cosmetic tourists that have visited Istanbul for cosmetic dental treatment over the past 5 years, clinics across this favoured destination have stepped up their game by offering all-inclusive packages. These packages save you tons of time, that you would otherwise need to spend on booking a hotel close to your clinic and transportation for the duration of your stay in Istanbul.

Not only will you be saving up to 70% on your dental veneers in Istanbul, but you’ll also be treated to 4 or 5-star hotel accommodation, luxury transportation between the airport, clinic, and your hotel and last but not least, an English interpreter to make your visits to the clinic as smooth as possible.

Remember, when booking your procedure closer to home, you need to factor in other various costs such as your transport and accommodation to get a true reflection of what your cosmetic journey could cost you.

Experienced accredited dentists

As mentioned in the “Dental accreditation in Istanbul” section, you can rest assured that a clinic boasting accredited dentists have plenty of knowledge and experience to be able to perform a veneer procedure to your liking. All you need to do is ask the right questions beforehand.

A holiday in Istanbul

A package for dental veneers in Istanbul consists of 2 appointments over a period of 5 to 7 days. This means that you will certainly have the time to explore Istanbul’s beautiful tourist destinations, soak in some sun on Istanbul’s notorious beaches located just 20 to 60km outside of the city centre, and enjoy Istanbul’s famous cuisine, often gushed about by other tourists.

No ‘wait list’

Another benefit of Istanbul’s booming cosmetic dental industry is the wide variety of options that you’ll have to choose from. With so many clinics offering top-notch quality procedures, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to clinics that are available to assist you within the time period that you’d like to have your veneer treatment. When booking a veneer appointment in countries such as the UK or the US, you can expect to wait approximately 4 to 5 months, sometimes this may just be for a consultation.

Geared up customer service

Istanbul residents are well-known for their gracious hospitality, making for a comfortable stay as a tourist in the country of Turkey. Turkey’s economy is well supported by medical tourists, and this is widely acknowledged by those living in Turkey full-time.

Receive a free dental analysis worth €250!

Frequently asked questions about veneers in Istanbul

You can expect to save up to 70% on veneers in Istanbul, enjoy a 4 or 5-star hotel for the duration of your stay, a designated driver assigned by your clinic, and an English interpreter for all your clinic visits, all included in Istanbul’s best all-inclusive packages. “Cost of veneers in Turkey” offers more information about the savings you can make when opting for veneers in Istanbul.

From beginning to end, you will spend roughly 5 to 7 days in Istanbul, depending on the clinic’s facilities which will determine whether they will create your veneers on-site or outsource the creation of veneers to another cosmetic facility. To find out more, read “What is the process of getting veneers in Istanbul?”.

Istanbul is a world-class cosmetic destination, offering top-notch medical and cosmetic procedures. The dentists in Turkey are required to undergo a minimum of years’ worth of studies and a further 5 years in order to practice as surgeons. “Dental accreditation in Istanbul” offers more information on the surety offered by Istanbul’s top clinics.

We are solely dedicated to making your search for the best dental clinics in Istanbul easy as pie. All you need to do is fill out this form, answer a few basic questions, and sit back while you start receiving offers from the best dental clinics that Istanbul has to offer.

Receive a free dental analysis worth €250!

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